Garces Expanding To New Hope

His group will be running food operations at the new Playhouse Inn...eventually.


Jose Garces prepping for class at Volver's Summer School

Photo by Chelsea Portner

A few days ago, we finally got some information on the Garces Group’s new restaurant and R&D kitchen, 24, opening tomorrow at 2401 Walnut Street. And hot on the heels of that announcement, we also learned that Garces’s team is going to be the “food and beverage partner” for the rebuilt and redesigned Playhouse Inn at 50 South Main Street in New Hope.

Couple things to keep in mind here. First, the Riverfront Revitalization Strategic Plan that has made the new Playhouse Inn possible has been in development since 2008 and Wednesday, November 9 is just the official groundbreaking on the project (though construction has been happening for a little while now). Second, no one is talking about an opening date until sometime in the spring of 2018. Yeah, twenty-eighteen. Man, that seems like a long way off.

A rendering of the new Playhouse Inn

A rendering of the new Playhouse Inn

But hey, good news is good news, right? And some plans for the new Playhouse Inn are already being put down on paper–including Garces being involved in “several food and beverage experiences for guests and the public at 50 S. Main.” The re-done Playhouse Inn will have 12 rooms and an off-site extension called the Carriage House with a couple more. There’s no word yet on what, exactly, will be happening with the food service operations attached to this project, but what with Garces’s Luna Farm right there in Bucks County, it seems like a good fit.

In any event, it’s a project that we’re going to be keeping our eye on.

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