Mike Stollenwerk’s New Restaurant Opens Tonight

At 5pm tonight, Two FishMike Stollenwerk‘s new BYO–hits the scene in Haddonfield. It’s a small place (just 24 seats) with a limited schedule (Wednesdays to Saturdays with a Sunday night prix fixe and weekend brunch), focusing on ecological friendliness, sustainable sourcing and, of course, fish.

The menu will change seasonally, but we’ve got a copy of their opening night board (plus the brunch menu) below.

Here’s the menu that Two Fish is launching with tonight in Haddonfield:

Autumn Dinner Menu


Salmon Belly Crudo

russian black bread | marinated cucumber | chive

Baby Arugula Salad

pecorino | fennel | roasted lemon vinaigrette

Blue Bay Mussels

panang curry | coconut milk | lemongrass | ginger | cilantro

Diver Scallops

cauliflower tartar | roasted red grapes | brown butter vinaigrette | almond

Chargrilled Octopus

chick pea | roasted onion | black olive | feta | harissa



celeriac latke | poached egg vinaigrette | shitake mushroom salad


hay roasted heirloom carrots | amaranth | herbed yogurt | pistachio | raisin


speatzle | brussel leaves | butternut squash | “green” bacon | scallop nage


marinated eggplant | beluga lentils | whole grain mustard sauce

Bistro Filet of Beef

fingerling potato | maytag blue cheese | pickled shallot | watercress

And then there’s the brunch menu, too. Because really, who among us hasn’t accidentally woken up on a Sunday morning in New Jersey, requiring some ham steak, a cup of coffee and some fried potatoes in order to figure out how we ended up here (again)?

Autumn Brunch Menu

Crab Benedict

asparagus | poached egg | english muffin | hollandaise

Autumn Vegetable Frittata

breakfast potatoes

House Cured Pork Loin “Ham Steak”

stone ground grits | sunny side eggs | red eye gravy

Smoked Salmon

celeriac-potato latke | crème fraiche | pickled shallot | crumbled egg | caper

House Blend Granola

fig | yogurt | vanilla honey

Tuna “Nicoise”

hard cooked egg | black olive | tomato jam | chick pea | watercress | whole grain mustard

Blue Bay Mussels

panang curry | coconut milk | lemongrass | ginger | cilantro

Dutch Style Ricotta Pancake

cocoa nib butter | warm cherries

Turkey Bacon B.L.T.

add egg

add avocado


Breakfast Potatoes

Turkey Bacon

Cured Pork Loin “Ham Steak”


Toast/English Muffin

Two Fish [Facebook]