Anyone Interested In Brunch At Bufad?

We know that Philly is already lousy with brunch spots. On a Saturday or Sunday morning it’s hard to walk a hundred feet in any direction without someone shoving a mimosa and a an egg sandwich into your hands. And while we’re certainly not complaining, it takes a lot to make another brunch in Philly worthwhile these days.

Which is why it’s good that this newest one is being done by the crew from Bufad.

There’s not a ton of information about this one yet, but there are four important things we can tell you.

First, it’s starting up this weekend, on Saturday, September 3rd.

Second, brunch service will be running Saturdays and Sundays from here on out.

Third, Bufad’s corn pizza (which is in serious contention for best corn pizza in the area, right up there with the corn pizza done at Olce Pizza Grille out in Skippack) is going to be making an appearance on the brunch menu.

And finally, we have this–a photo of the last time they did a test run of some of their brunch items.

Looks good, right? As soon as we know more information (or get a menu), we’ll let you know all about it.

Bufad [f8b8z]