Food Underground’s Newest “Pop-up” Sandwich

Try their take on a Middle Eastern classic.

FU16_sabih_instaFood Underground is back with their newest “pop-up”sandwich creation: the Sabih.

We’ve given Food Underground props for their Friz Wit cheesesteak that debuted last fall at the Garage. They’re also hosted several other events around the city.

Now Ari Miller of Food Underground is popping up with another sandwich. The Sabih is a sandwich of Iraqi-Jewish origins that is getting a Philly twist, being turned into a hoagie. The vegetarian sandwich will be piled high with roasted eggplant, huevos haminados, tahina, fingerlings, Arabic salad, and schug (type of Middle Eastern hot sauce). Miller is sourcing the tahina from Soom, produce from Heritage Farms and, as always, bread from Ba Le Bakery.

They will be selling the sandwich at Pizzeria Beddia, this Sunday, June 12th from 1 p.m. until it’s gone.

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