Happy National Cheesesteak Thursday: Our Favorite Cheesesteaks of the Past Year

The Friz Whit from Food Underground | Photo via Kensington Quarters

The Friz Whit from Food Underground | Photo via Kensington Quarters

Many people are calling today National Cheesesteak Day. That’s not entirely true. After way too much research back in 2014, we realized that the day that was supposed to be celebrated was National Cheesesteak Thursday. March 24th, 2014 and 2015 wasn’t a Thursday so we refused to play along with the made up holiday.

But today is March 24th and a Thursday, so today, we celebrate.

Here are the best cheesesteaks we’ve had in the past year, ranked.

  1. The Friz Wit featuring grass fed beef from Kensington Quarters, made by Food Underground at the Garage.*
  2. Ribeye cheesesteak from SpOt Gourmet Burgers, Steaks & Pork.
  3. Franklin Cheesesteak at Carmen’s Famous Italian Hoagies & Cheesesteaks.
  4. Cheesesteak from Philly’s Finest Sambonis.
  5. Cheesesteak from Joe’s Steaks & Soda Shop (Fishtown).
  6. The Train Wreck from Beck’s Cajun Cafe (Reading Terminal).
  7. Cheesesteak from John’s Roast Pork.
  8. Old Fashioned Cheesesteak from Philip’s Steaks.

* The Friz Wit is a creation of Food Underground’s Ari Miller. It combines grass fed, frizzled beef from Kensington Quarters, served with cheese from Hidden Hills Dairy and Birchrun Hills Farm and then topped with charred and caramelized onions and served on a Ba Le Bakery roll. On Monday, April 4th, the sandwich will be available at Kensington Quarters as part of KQ’s Philly Wine Week events.

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