Shuck Fest 2016 Is Coming

It's this weekend at the Oyster House.

What was once a simple shucking contest and excuse to suck down a couple dozen oysters on a spring afternoon has, this year, become a full-bore indoor oyster carnival with this year’s Shuck Fest at Oyster House.

Scheduled for this Sunday, from noon to 4pm, Oyster House will host everything from the traditional shucking competition to oyster tutorials, oyster tastings with local growers, wine and beer pairings, shell crafts and games for the kids, photo booths and more.

The pros will have their moment in the sun, but this year (following the shucking tutorial), amateurs will also be able to compete against one another for the chance to win a $100 Oyster House gift card.

There’ll be beers from Narragansett, cocktails from Philadelphia Distilling, wines from Moore Brothers and plenty of food. Tickets will run you just $10 per person (kids are free), and that price includes a Narragansett Lager or Del’s Shandy. The kitchen will be rolling out a special menu for the event which will include New England clam chowder for $5, fried oyster sliders, shrimp salad rolls and cookies. There will be free oysters offered at the tasting tables, and will also be served around the room during the shucking competition. Because someone has to eat all those oysters, and it might as well be you.

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