14 Of The Best Simpsons Food Quotes We Found While Drinking At The Office

Why? Because it's Friday. And because we just found Frinkiac.com


It was the first thing Art said when he walked into the office this morning.

“Hey, have you seen Frinkiac yet?”

For those of you who don’t know, Frinkiac is the Nobel Prize-worthy meme-generating Simpsons quote-and-screencap database that went live to the public earlier this week. It is, at its most basic, the most cromulent new method for searching out awesome Simpsons quotes (and their associated images), and is so easy to use that we stopped in the middle of a last-minute hard cider tasting–which was rapidly devolving into a hard cider, beer and gin-and-tonic tasting–and came up with this list of the fourteen best food quotes from the Simpsons.

You’re welcome.


simpsons undelicious

simpsons too much bacon



simpsons very good beer



simpsons restaurateurs murderers





Note: The Frinkiac only covers seasons 1-15. Which is why we didn’t include any quotes making fun on Anthony Bourdain from “The Food Wife” or that one where Homer enters the barbecue contest.

But please, by all means, leave some more of your favorites below…

Frinkiac [Official]