SugarHouse Is Adding New Restaurant in Expansion

sugarhouse-hugo-frog-940SugarHouse Casino is intending on opening its 300,000 square foot expansion before the end of the year, and the riverfront casino is including a higher end restaurant in the new space.

An announcement regarding the new restaurant and exclusive caterer for the casino’s new event center is set for Wednesday, September 2nd. The event will include a grilling demonstration and taste of a special “Philly Cut” steak. The press release also features a hashtag, #froginPhilly. After briefly hoping this would mean the return of Rib-It or Steve Poses’ Frog, we applied some positively Sherlockian deduction, (we googled frog+steakhouse and clicked the first result) we’ve concluded that the new restaurant will be from …

Chicago’s Gibson Restaurant Group, and based on the frog logo, a branch of Hugo’s Frog Bar. Gibson has eight restaurants in the Chicago area, including a Hugo Frog Bar & Chop House in a suburban Chicago casino.

Hugo’s claims to be one of the best seafood restaurants in the Chicagoland area, “known for its fresh seafood, huge portions, sides large enough to share.” The Chop House in the casino location also serves a menu worth of steak and chops.

One interesting connection to Philadelphia, the Hugo Frog locations in Chicago and Naperville offer Bookbinders soup. Alas, a call to the Naperville location confirmed there is no turtle in the soup, though it is made in the style of turtle soup, but with bits of fresh fish instead of turtle meat.

As for that “Philly Cut” of steak, we’ll have to wait till September to see what that entails.

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