The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Let’s just admit it: nobody has any idea what’s going on with the Pope’s visit, especially where food is concerned. Are restaurants going to be able to get deliveries? No clue! Will farmer’s markets be able to happen as usual? Who knows! While those with influence on these things work on figuring them out, I’ll be over here gorging on an abundance of fruit and maybe even putting up some preserves. You know, just in case.

Charentais Melons – The princess of melon varieties, these are small, round, true orange, and with an incredibly profound perfume. Look for them from Savoie Organic Farm at Headhouse.

Yellow Watermelon – This year the melons just won’t quit! Blooming Glen and Root Mass both have yellow watermelons at Headhouse, and at the Bryn Mawr market 2 Gander farm has three colors, red, yellow and even orange!

Grapes – While it’s still early for grapes, they have nevertheless begun to arrive. Look for them this weekend from Three Springs and North Star Orchards, both at Headhouse.

Brix Cider – The first apples have just started arriving to market, and Frecon is getting in on the game–but with bottles. The newest addition to their line of ciders, which they debuted at area farmer’s markets last week, is called Brix Cider. A crisp blend of sweet and tart ciders, they’re selling this one in four packs (or by the case) of 12-ounce bottles, the perfect stand in for a cold beer on a hot day.

Bulk Tomatoes – Cue up those canning jars, because between the tomatoes and the hot peppers coming on now’s the time to put up some salsa and tomato sauce! Check in with your favorite tomato grower this weekend about placing an order for a case of seconds.

Nectarines – Plums and peaches are still going strong, and so are nectarines. Though they sometimes get overlooked in peach-season madness, they’re available from all of fruit growers like Eden Garden (Clark Park) in both white and yellow varieties.

Okra– Love it or hate it, these seedy little pods are back at market ready for stewing with tomatoes or tossing in cornmeal and frying. Penny pack Farm (Clark Park) has an heirloom red variety and Three Springs (Headhouse) has green.