Bottle Bar East and Joe’s Steaks Bring You Beer Floats

beer-floatsRoot beer floats are great. When you’re a kid and it’s summertime and it’s hot, there are few things better than that classic soda, ice cream combo. But when you’re an adult it can get better. What’s better than root beer? Real beer.

This is where the folks at Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop and Bottle Bar East come in with their timely collaboration: beer floats.

Here’s how it’ll work. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday June 24th) you’ll start at Bottle Bar East. Pick up your beer (don’t worry there’s a suggested menu) and make moves to Joe’s Steaks (BYOB) for their Turkey Hill ice cream and a cheesesteak. They’ll pair your beer with your chosen ice cream as you wait for your food. There are definitely worse things than waiting for a cheesesteak with a beer float in hand.

Including the beer and the ice cream, floats will come out to be around $7. That’s a price we’re more than willing to pay to beat the summer heat. Below is the full menu. It includes five permanent combinations and one seasonal rotating float that will stay on for summer.

Double Chocolate
Yard’s Love Stout ($4) & Chocolate Ice Cream ($3.50)

Anderson Vally Summer Solstice ($4) & Vanilla Ice Cream + Orange Sherbet ($3.50)

Not Your Father’s Root Beer
Not Your Father’s Root Beer ($4) & Vanilla Ice Cream ($3.50)

Banana Bread
Wells Banana Bread Beer ($4.50) & Butter Pecan Ice Cream ($3.50)

Manayunk Summer Paradise ($3.50) & Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream ($3.50)

The Seasonal
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer ($3.50) & Vanilla Ice Cream ($3.50)

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