Philly Beer Week: Philly Tacos on Sunday

philly-taco-beer-400On Sunday, May 31st, Jim’s Steaks is hosting a special one-time Philly Beer Week event celebrating the “Philly Taco,” a Jim’s cheesesteak wrapped in a giant slice of Lorenzo’s Pizza.

The event kicks off at Lorenzo’s (305 South Street) at 10 pm where participants will grab their oversized piece of pizza. Then it’s a short walk to Jim’s for cheesesteaks and a Philly Taco beer. Yes, there is a Philly Taco beer. It’s the collaboration of two out-of-town brewers, Perennial Artisan Ales (St. Louis) and Cigar City Brewing (Tampa). Perennial co-owner Phil Wymore met Cigar City founder Joey Redner at Philly Beer Week a few years ago. The two hit it off and after a beer soaked evening, wound up eating Philly Tacos on South Street.

Everyone will gather upstairs at Jim’s to eat their Frankenstein-esque creations and wash them down with the collaboration beer.

If there’s ever a time to indulge in a Philly Taco, there’s probably no better time than the end of the first weekend of Philly Beer Week.