Vault Brewing Is Canning Its Nitro Beers

The Vault Coffee Stout Nitro Can Design

The Vault Coffee Stout Nitro Can Design

Vault Brewing in Yardley, PA has been making quite the name for itself. And now they’re getting really innovative. The brewpub has been working with  Chart Industries and River City Cannery to nitrogenate their beer during the packaging and produce a beer that pours just as well (if not better) than a nitro tap.

The first of Vault’s nitro beers in a can will be its coffee stout. The beer will be released on Sunday, March 29th at the brewpub. This first run will be capped at 2,000 cans as Vault tests reaction to the innovation. The stout will be just $3 per can and they hope to have some left over to release at some bars in and around Philadelphia.

If the release is successful, look for Vault to can more malt-forward beers including other coffee stout varieties and a Sweet Potato Ale in the fall.

Vault Brewing Nitro Can Coffee Stout – Available 3.29.15 from Nulight Creative on Vimeo.

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