Preview Philly’s Dumpling Truck

This Saturday, March 14th, Philadelphia’s dumpling food truck, Dump n Roll will be hosting a pop-up dinner at the Grubhouse in South Philadelphia.

Peter Tong, who is aiming to get his food truck on the road as spring approaches will be showing off much of his menu during a BYOB preview between 5 and 10 p.m. on West Passyunk.


Traditional Pork and Chive Dumpling (Steam or Pan- Fried)**

Traditional Chinese Fish Dumpling**

Seasonal Vegetable Dumpling **

Chipotle Turkey Bacon Cheeseburger Dumpling (Fried)


Vietnamese-Inspired Cheese Steak Spring Roll (Fried)

Fresh Hand Rolled- Chicken Lemongrass Summer Roll



Fresh garlic and Truffle Salt Shoestrings Potatoes

House Salad (mixed greens with sesame dressing and ramen crunch)

** Each order comes with 1 choice of sauce


– Brown Sauce (Peanut-free) – Tequila Ketchup – Cheeze Whiz

– Smoky Honey BBQ – Roasted Garlic Soy


Thai Tea Organic Sparkling Juices + tapioca and popping pearls

If you’re interested in hosting a pop-up at Grubhouse, give them a shout.

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