PSA: Erin Express This Weekend


This is your public service announcement that the Erin Express is in town this weekend. There are actually two bus-based bar crawls these days. The Running of the Micks hits bars in and around the Piazza, practically making the buses unnecessary but there is also a stop on the loop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art so participants can pause to consider the Art of Kano, the most enduring and influential school of painting in Japanese history run up the Rocky Steps. The web site for the Running of the Micks is which must really get the goat of the other bus crawl, the Erin Express.

The Erin Express is also happening tomorrow, hitting sixteen bars in University City and the western part of Center City. These guys have some web problems as the countdown clock is counting down to 7 pm this evening for some reason. One interesting note, William Street Common is reverting back to its former self, Drinker’s West for the day. So that cool sounding brunch we told you about last week, will not be happening on Saturday this week or next.

But consider yourself warned. If you are out and about in Northern Liberties, Center City or University City, that hoard of green people coming towards you aren’t zombies, they’re worse, they’re green t-shirt wearing Miller Lite swilling drunkards. But come Sunday, their reign will be over, at least for another week.