The Bar(n) Is Open and People Don’t Like the Sign

the-barn-940A recent Reddit thread tilted “Terribly-named bar gets horrible sign” has gained some notoriety. The thread refers to Bar(n) which has recently opened at 49th and Baltimore in West Philadelphia (the former Third World Lounge). The bar is owned by the same group that is behind Farmacy at 45th and Spruce. The Bar(n)’s Facebook page recently changed its profile pic to a screenshot of the Reddit photo. Ross Scofield, who is behind Bar(n) and Farmacy, has since taken to defending the sign that was attacked in the Facebook comments. 

Responding to a commenter who calls the sign ugly and the “[w]orst external presentation of any business on the block, by a long shot.” Scofield responds:

I did put it up. And it’s staying there.. For Now. I love it. We made it… Just like you would if you owned a barn.
If you’re willing to fund and install a new sign, by all means, let me know. If not, keep your snarky comments to yourself. The build
ing is getting repainted and resigned in the Spring. If that doesn’t work for you, walk a different route home. All of us are working hard to clean up the building. We dont need people tearing us down for doing our best resource wise..

So good news for those who are offended by the sign, it will likely change this spring.

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