Gluten Free Dinner at Barbuzzo

Everything at Barbuzzo's Feb. 9 dinner will be gluten free-- even the bread.

Everything at Barbuzzo’s Feb. 9 dinner will be gluten free– even the bread.

Have you ever dreamed of paying $95 for a completely wheat-free meal at Barbuzzo? Of course you haven’t. Because who dreams about stuff like that?

But if you’re among the population of gluten-sensitives who are willing to pay $95 for a wheat-free meal, then do we have an event for you…

On Monday, February 9 at Barbuzzo, $95 will get you a copy of Jax Peters Lowell‘s book “The Gluten Free Revolution,” as well as an entirely gluten-free menu of food and beverage pairings.

The menu begins, somewhat confusingly to the those who aren’t in the gluten-feee know, with “Thomas Keller‘s brioche.” Evidently, Keller’s former Research and Development Chef at the French Laundry, Lena Kwak, innovated a gluten-free flour called “Cup for Cup” that serves as the base for Keller’s brioche.

The first course offers a choice between pan seared potato gnocchi, wild mushroom arancini, or salt roasted beets and citrus. The next course is either an Italian mixed grill, cider braised pork chops, or a veal  skirt steak a la plancha. The meal ends for everyone with a warm pistachio-brown butter cake (presumably also made with gluten-free flour). And every course will be paired with a cider, ale or wine.

So if this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in, you can make your reservations at

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