Center City Restaurant Week Getting An Extension

After yesterday’s kerfuffle, you’d think there wouldn’t be much that we and Marc Vetri would agree on. But you’d be wrong because this Restaurant Week thing? It’s getting out of hand. Vetri has never been a fan, and while we might understand the draw and utility of a few days of deals in the middle of a dead month, enough is enough.

Owing to the recent imaginary snow disaster that gripped Philly in an icy panic (and then never actually materialized here), the Center City District crew has made the decision to extend Restaurant Week an additional three days, tacking February 2-4 onto the schedule, which was supposed to end on January 30.

Yes. In order to make up for lost revenue from a 1-day threat of snowy weather in January, they have added 3 additional days of Restaurant Week chaos deals. And honestly, the thing was already long enough (too long, really) as a 12-day “week.”

Anyway, it appears as though the details are still being pulled together, so you can check out the CCDRW page below for more details.

Center City Restaurant Week [official]