Marc Vetri Does Not Like Restaurant Week

Marc Vetri doen’t think Restaurant Week represents any kind of deal. He posted his reasons why on his public Facebook page a couple of days ago. We repost them below.

Restaurant Week Facts:
Just because someone tells you that you’re getting a deal, it doesn’t mean that you really are. RW is a short sighted way for restaurants to make a quick buck by lowering their standards, making one menu so its easy to turn and burn, while basically getting the same or MORE cost per head cover. Why not right? Well here’s why.

The deal that you think you’re getting is non-existent. You end up spending more money than you normally would. If you really do the math, at $35 a head for only food, you’re definitely spending anywhere from $45-$65 a head on food and wine before tax and tip. Unless you have no drinks at all, which is highly unlikely. And you can only order a couple things. Do you know how many restaurants have a $45-$65 a head average with drinks. A whole bunch, Amis and Osteria both fall within that range. And you can order whatever you want on the menu. So basically, to sum it up…you’re going to a restaurant that you read about, spending the same money, getting much less of a choice, being waited on by a server who is simply not happy to be there that week…(rightly so I might add). There’s just no way that can have a positive outcome.

Another question was why do restaurants do it if its no big deal. The fact of the matter is that restaurant week started a couple years back when the market went to hell and everyone was struggling. It was one week to make people feel good and get out to celebrate a little. It was a good thing. But like a good thing that is overused and taken advantage of, it has turned into a big mess. Everyone tries to get the most out of it, food is less desirable, service is less attentive, tips are lower and everyone is miserable at the end of the week.

Do yourself a favor, save your money, and go to a restaurant that makes you happy because you know that the food and service will be great. Forget about the quick deal that really is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

What do you think? Does Vetri have a point?