Get Hai For Free At The New Hai Street Kitchen


So you guys know there’s a new Hai Street Kitchen in University City, right? It’s at 125 S. 40th Street, and just to make absolutely sure you all know about the new place, they’re celebrating its grand opening by giving away free rolls on Thursday, January 15.

Which is nothing but good news for people who like sushi rolls the size of a burrito.

There are a couple rules, of course. First, the free rolls are only going to be given out starting at noon. Second, only the first 300 people in line get one. And…that’s pretty much it. You’re probably gonna want to get there early to get in line, of course, but 300 free rolls? That’s a lot. As soon as they hit that number, though, they’ll close the doors until their official public opening, Friday January 16 at 11am.

Because it’s 2015, of course there’s a hashtag associated with the event. I’m only mentioning it here because it’s kinda funny. So for all of you out there planning to #GetHai on Thursday, now you know where to go.

Hai Street Kitchen – University City [f8b8z]