Because Lo Spiedo Isn’t Just For Meat Lovers…

The guys at Lo Spiedo? They know their way around some meats, no doubt. But as good as that spit-roasted pork shoulder or whole chicken is, the honest-to-jeebus best thing I had there the first time I stopped in? A salad of shaved pumpkin and goat cheese with pumpkin seed vinaigrette. It wasn’t just a great salad, but a surprising one–something I never would’ve normally considered in a restaurant built around a rotisserie made for roasting delicious animals.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because if Scott Calhoun and the crew there can do a simple salad that well, then I have very high hopes for the above–the new vegetarian sandwich they’re working on. It’s a celery root Milanese with celeriac and apple on a toasted roll and, seriously, I could eat two of those right now.

With maybe a cheeseburger on the side.

Via Scott Calhoun [Twitter]