Fountain Restaurant Announces Final Dinner Service

So this is it. We all knew it was coming, but now we have an actual date. The last dinner served at Fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel will be Saturday, December 27.

The official news came down yesterday, but that was just putting an end-date on something that most folks in the food world understood as inevitable. The Four Seasons hotel itself will be closing sometime in the next year (with plans to move into the new Comcast building), so Fountain–with more than thirty years behind it–was operating on borrowed time.

For the time being, breakfast and lunch will still be served in the storied dining room, but after the 27th, brunches and dinners will only be served in the lounge. Why would the hotel choose to do this? To let their legendary dining room stay dark while guests are fed elsewhere? Because Fountain has won just about every award there is to win. Because it remains one of the last bastions of fine dining in the city (at least for a few more weeks), and a place like that deserves to go out on its own terms. It deserves to go out on top, rather than lingering just for the sake of lingering.

It’s a class move. A smart move for a brand that still has plenty of life in it. And those of you looking to get in one last meal in the storied dining room ought to make your reservations now, because something tells me these last services are going to sell out fast.

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