Sneak Preview: December At COOK


It’s that time again, folks. Time for the cleverest among you to make your plans for snagging the best classes coming up next month at COOK.

I mean, sure, you should definitely snag your spots early for our next Foobooz Open Stove Night (because it’s going to be awesome, that’s why), but there’s a whole bunch of other cool stuff happening, too. So check out the full schedule below, and then be in front of your computers tomorrow at 2pm because that’s when ticketing will go live on COOK’s website.

December 2: Brisket Fest with David Katz of Creekstone Farms and Matt Fisher of Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue
December 3: Vegan Holiday Supper with Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel’s Pantry
December 4: Where’s the Beef with Chalie Schmidt of OIC and Arnie Madrigal of Arnie’s Gourmet Butcher Shop & Culinaria
December 5: Taqueria Feliz Navidad with Lucio Palazzo of Taqueria Feliz
December 10: Open Stove XXXII (Yeah, seriously. We’ve done thirty-one of these things already, which is amazing to me)
December 12: All About Pâté with Michele Haines of Spring Mill Cafe
December 13: 12PM Traditional Christmas COOKies with Jess Nolen of Brauhaus Schmitz
December 14: 6PM Pasta Making with Andrew Wood of Russet
December 16: Soups and Stews with Beth Kaufman of A Mindful Me
December 17: Mediterranean Holiday Supper with Katie Cavuto of Healthy Bites
December 18: Gin And Oysters with Matt Teacher, Author of The Spirit Of Gin: A Stirring Miscellany Of The New Gin Revival
December 20: 2PM Christmas Sweets of the Mediterranean with Angela Ranalli of Le Virtu and Brigantessa
December 21: 12PM Vegan, Gluten-Free Baking with Christina Martin, Culinary Instructor
December 27: 12PM Make-Ahead New Year’s Day Brunch with Peter Scarola of R2L
December 28: 12PM Hands-On Tamale and Empanada Making with Diana Sabater of The Kitchen Barrio

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