Want Dinner Delivered From Fat Ham, High Street, Amada Or FedNuts?


Well starting today, you can. Because there’s a new delivery service in town called Caviar and it’s acting like a kind of restaurant curation and delivery service–offering door-to-door delivery service, but only for those restaurants which meet its standards. “Premium food,” they call it–meaning that the restaurants have to pass muster with the company’s “tastemakers” (no, I have no idea what that means either) and, in most cases, have at least 4 stars on Yelp.

But you don’t really care about any of that anyway, right? What you care about are the 40-odd restaurants currently listed with the service (a list that includes Bruahaus Schmitz, Dim Sum Garden, HipCityVeg, Luke’s Lobster, Amada, Federal Donuts, Charlie Was A Sinner, Tashan, Fat Ham, Tinto, Village Whiskey and more) and the fact that, during their introductory period in Philly, you won’t even have to pay the $4.99 delivery fee for your first delivery.

Caviar works like just about any other restaurant delivery service. You go to the website, pick your restaurant, peruse the all-photo menus (which is a really nice touch), make your order and then…wait.

A quick survey of the offerings showed prices commensurate with what you’d pay in the actual restaurants. And there are no minimums when it comes to what you’re getting delivered, which means that, right now, with the delivery fee waived, you could have an order of shrimp spring rolls from Dim Sum Garden brought to you on your couch right now for just $2.25 (plus a tip for the driver, of course). Though why you’d want to waste a free delivery on just some spring rolls is beyond me.

Anyway, delivery times appear to be currently running between 50-70 minutes. They offer real-time GPS tracking of your order. And if you want to check out the reach of the delivery area, Caviar even has a nice map right here.

Caviar [Official]