Gluten Free Pasta Flyer Pop Up Coming To Fork And High Street

Chef Mark Ladner, the exec at Manhattan’s Del Posto (which is the only Italian restaurant in the United States to earn four stars from the New York Times in the past 40 years) and chef Eli Kulp (who has previously worked at Ladner’s Del Posto) of Philadelphia’s Fork will come together to create an entirely gluten-free dinner at Kulp’s restaurant on October 2nd.

The dinner serves as part of Ladner’s new pop up program, Pasta Flyer, which combines the tradition of Italian pasta and the efficiency of a Japanese ramen shop in a gluten-free environment. The dinner begins at 5:30 p.m. and will be a five-course seasonally-inspired meal.

The gluten-free extravaganza will cost $150 per person, but is probably worth the money considering the talent in the kitchen. Ladner says it’s a pleasure to work with Kulp and is ready to introduce his Pasta Flyer concept to the Philadelphia dining scene.

Fork is located next to one of Kulp’s other restaurants, High Street on Market at 306 Market St. and can be reached at 215-625-9425. Call the restaurant for seating times and reservations.

But if you’re already booked for dinner, Ladner’s quick-serve gluten-free pasta bowls will also be available in a second pop-up, from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., at High Street on Market on October 2nd. The pasta dishes will be served for under $10 each.

Pasta Flyer’s main concept includes a variety of differently shaped gluten-free pastas from which the customer chooses. You can then pick a sauce (spicy tomato, cheese and pepper and meat sauce to name a few), protein, and another topping. During lunch, Pasta Flyer will also be serving “Bene Boxes”–the concept of a Japanese Bento box, filled with Italian food.

Oh, and the best thing? It looks like one of the reasons Ladner is bringing his pop-up tour through Philly (other than his friendship with Kulp), is that he’s looking at our fair city as one of the possible markets for a brick-and-mortar Pasta Flyer expansion.

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