Revel Is Done, And Jose Garces Is Down Four Restaurants


The news came down today: Atlantic City’s Revel Resort is shutting down next month.

Oh, sure. They’re still trying to sell the place. But they’ve been trying to sell it pretty much since the day it opened. Or at least since the first bankruptcy filing, which happened just a little over a year after it opened. As things stand now, the resort has never made a dime in profit, and the current owners are admitting that even if a buyer is found, Revel will still close before anyone can come in to save the day.

In the restaurant world, this means that Jose Garces is losing four restaurants: An Amada, a Village Whiskey, his Distrito/Guapos Tacos mash-up, and Yuboka–a noodle bar concept that existed only in A.C.. There’s no word yet on how many people are going to be out of a job when the last guy out of Revel shuts out the lights, but it’s going to be a bunch. Overall, 3,100 jobs will be lost when Revel closes. is reporting that Revel plans to shut down on September 10. You can check out more Revel shut-down news on the Philly mag news page.

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