Closed: Sutton’s Parlor and Logan Goat

In the continuing saga of the Matt Swartz Bar Empire, which will one day make for a really incredible Storify, the above sign has appeared in the windows of Sutton’s Parlor and Logan Goat Bar & Restaurant, the two west-of-Broad operations from the man behind Farmers’ Cabinet.

“The doors are locked,” says Pete Antipas, the landlord for both establishments. Antipas declined to elaborate on the situation, and Swartz did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Farmers’ Cabinet remains open, though it has had its share of troubles of late. In December, it was raided by State Police, and earlier this year, it got a pretty scathing report from the Department of Health for which it was temporarily shut down.

Earlier this month, Farmers’ Cabinet once again failed its health inspection, according to a Department of Health spokesperson, but no closure was ordered. And on June 20th, a Philadelphia judge issued a $600 judgment against the restaurant stemming from city code enforcement violations.