Farmers’ Cabinet Health Inspection: “Countless Mouse Droppings” and “Several Species of Roaches”


Remember when Philadelphia’s Department of Health shut down the Farmers’ Cabinet back in February? At the time, we heard from a number of folks that the shutdown occurred simply because the restaurant didn’t have a “health code certified employee.” Of course, this sounded like utter bullshit. And now that the Department of Health has finally released the report of what the inspectors found in the restaurant on February 10th, we know for a fact that it was bullshit.

According to an official report released by the Department of Health:

“This facility was ordered to cease operations on 2/10/14 due to vermin activity, the lack of a certified person, improper sanitization of food equipment and multi-use utesils, the lack of a drain line at the 3-basin sink, and the lack of cold water at the handsink in the serving bar area… Most risk factors were corrected, however, during the time of inspection the Sanitarians observed countless mouse droppings on food equipment, shelves, and floor surfaces throughout all first floor and basement areas. Several species of roaches were also observed behind the a bar and in the basement. The establishment must remove all old/unused equipment, properly eliminate all evidence of rodents and insects from the establishment, and have a certified pest control company provide services as needed. Facility may not resume operations until approved by the Health Department.”

So while yes, one of the (many) problems was that the place didn’t have a “certified person,” there were also other issues. You know, like “countless mouse droppings” and not just roaches but “several species of roaches.”

The Farmers’ Cabinet apparently rectified the problem, because the restaurant was allowed to reopen just two days after it was shut down.

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