Federal Donuts Teams Up To Launch a Kickstarter

rooster soup co.If you needed one more reason to love Federal Donuts, here it is: Federal Donuts is collaborating with Broad Street Ministry (BSM), a non-profit, to launch a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will fund Rooster Soup Company, a gourmet soup restaurant where 100% of the profits will go to the Broad Street Ministry’s Hospitality Collaborative. BSM has been providing social services and meals (over 60,000  a year to be exact) to those in need in Philadelphia. Bill Golderer, founder and convening minister of BSM, spoke on the team up saying, “when unlikely collaborators like Broad Street Ministry and Federal Donuts join forces – new possibilities emerge. Getting in the game together leads us past helplessness, and allows us to envision radical new solutions.”

Using the unneeded chicken parts from Federal Donuts, each bowl of soup will be comparable to the cost of services and a meal for a guest at BSM.

Kickstarter pledgers who contribute $20 or more will receive special rewards from Federal Donuts, Broad Street Ministry, Zahav Restaurant and Percy Street Barbecue. So don’t be too surprised when you hear about someone attending a Rooster Soup Co. Pop-Up and blowout party at the newest Federal Donuts in West Poplar or skydiving with Mike Solomonov. From helping out a fellow Philadelphian to getting a little something of your own, Rooster Soup Company hopes to be Philadelphia’s first crowd-funded not-for-profit restaurant that helps Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents.

Federal Donuts [Official]
Broad Street Ministry [Official]