New Circles Thai Fortune Cookies Are Awesome and/or Racist (?)


Before he left for his most recent trip to Thailand, Circles Thai chef/owner Alex Boonphaya had a batch of custom fortunes printed up, with a funny message on one side and a promo code on the other. The one pictured here is our favorite.

On the other side:

“Promo code justkitten…but really, we’re kidding. Use the promo code next time you order off – 15% discount off your order.”

Our other favorite simply reads: “Your mom!”

But seriously, it’s the Chinese (and residents of Planet Melmac) who eat cats, while the Thais are fond of rats. It’s important to keep your Asian stereotypes straight.

If Boonphaya announces the first-ever Philly Beer Week Rat Dinner, we’ll be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, use the promo codes to get discounts on the best Thai food in Philadelphia.