a. kitchen Reopens Under Eli Kulp

Not sure how many of you have noticed yet, but a.kitchen was closed Monday. There’s a sign on the door and everything, explaining simply that “a.kitchen will be closed Monday, March 17 in preparation for the highly anticipated new menu by chef Eli Kulp.”

So yes, as promised, Kulp (who has already made his mark at Fork and High Street on Market) has put together a new menu for the space, which will be launching tomorrow. That snap above? Those are his uni rice cakes. There’s also pork jowl, kelp salt, potato skins, dill salsa, potato soup, chicken thighs, pine (as an ingredient) and deviled skate. And we’ve got a couple more pictures of his new dishes plus the complete new menu below. Check it all out after the jump.

T-bone steak with king trumpet mushrooms and sunchokes

Calamari in cilantro sauce

a.kitchen menu

March, 2014

Tastes To Start

Smoked Mussels

lemon & onion

Crisp Basque Peppers

kelp salt

Uni rice cakes

smoked pork jowl, mustard

Grilled Quail Egg

beets, soft yolk

Mostly Raw

Green Salad

lentil vinaigrette, tahini

Watercress & Smoked Egg

watermelon radish, benne seeds

Beef Tartare

bearnaise, potato skins

Small Plates

Smoked Beets

beet gribiche, lavash crisps

Chilled Buckwheat Noodles

spiced mushroom broth, house-made noodles

Caputo Brothers Burrata

potato soup, dill salsa verde

Steamed Manilla Clams

white wine & black garlic

Grilled prawns

chili & scallion glaze

East Coast Squid

Mangalitsa ‘nfuda stuffing, cilantro sauce

Pork Cutlet

mustard greens, caper aioli

Charcoal Grilled

Deviled Skate

sambal, charred napa cabbage

Atlantic Sea Bream

shaved radish, meyer lemon

Dover Sole

Grilled whole, brown butter, lime sauce

BBQ Chicken Thighs

mustard, dandelion greens

American Wagyu Steak

blackened onions, alpine cheese

Duck Breats

xo sauce, charred radish, sesame

Dry-Aged T-Bone

king trumpets & sunchokes


Bread Box

selection of seasonal rolls, house-made butter

Roasted Turnips

tops, brown butter miso

Grilled Shitake Mushrooms

pine, toasted seaweed

Young Leeks

green chili romesco, almonds

Baked and Grilled Potatoes

togarishi buttermilk

Photos courtesy David Fields

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