Cured & Crafted Coming To Philly

You know what’s awesome? Beer. Know what else? Prosciutto. Add in whiskey and Skittles and a man could live on not much else.

Which is why we’re already excited about Cured & Crafted–a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma–coming to Philly on February 20, because it’s an event that’s basically all about drinking craft beer and eating as much prosciutto as possible.


So basically, what’s happening is, on Thursday, February 20, at the Power Plant in Old City, eight of the city’s best chefs will be getting together, creating custom dishes featuring prosciutto di Parma, and pairing them with craft beers. The lineup looks like this:

Joe Cicala, Le Virtu will be paired with Peroni Brewery

Mike Deganis, Osteria, will be paired with Ama Brewery

Luke Palladino, Luke Palladino Hospitality Group will be paired with Flying Fish Brewery

Mike Santoro, The Mildred will be paired with Yards Brewery

Jeremy Nolen, Brauhaus Schmitz will be paired with Ommegang Brewery

David Ansill, Bar Ferdinand will be paired with Stoudt Brewery

Doug Allen, Lacroix will be paired with Brooklyn Brewery

Mike Sultan, Street Food Philly will be paired with Otter Creek Brewery

There’ll also be a prosciutto-based dessert provided by Sweetbox, which ought to be…interesting.

The chefs and their dishes will be judged, of course. One of them will be crowned King Of All Prosciutto (or something like that). There’ll be cocktails to space out all the craft beers with. Tickets are $45 for general admission and $60 for VIP (which gets you a taste of the extra-special prosciutto, paired with DiBruno Bros. cheeses). And in one of the weirder twists we’ve seen in any food event recently, the prosciutto di Parma people are bringing in a tattoo artist and offering a free leg of prosciutto to anyone who gets the Parma crown tattooed on themselves.

That’s the crown in question above. And just so you know, a whole, 18-20lb leg of prosciutto di Parma can run you anywhere from $250 to about $375, so you gotta ask yourself, is it worth it?

I’m seriously considering getting one myself. But then, I REALLY like prosciutto.

Cured & Crafted [Get tickets here]