Foobooz After Dark: Rijsttafel – The Menu


Last week, we announced the second coming of Foobooz After Dark. We know this time it’ll be a rijsttafel, a beautiful Indonesian feast put together the Hardena crew, held at Noord on East Passyunk.

Remember, there are only 25 seats available for this dinner, and tickets are going on sale very soon. To find out exactly when, sign up now for our Foobooz After Dark alerts.

If you do get a ticket, here’s what you’ll be eating:

Foobooz After Dark

Rijsttafel – Hardena @ Noord
Saturday, Februrary 1st, 2014 11:30 p.m.

Krupuk Shrimp Chips

Bakwan Mixed Vegetable Fritters

Nasi White Rice

Sambal Red Pepper Hot Sauce

Sambal Kecap Chilli & Herbs in Sweet Soy Sauce

Acar Pickled Vegetables, plated with Bakwan & Sate

Sate Ayam Grilled Chicken Skewers Topped With Peanut Sauce

Sate Kambing Grilled Lamb Skewers Topped With Peanut Sauce

Rendang Sliced Beef Stewed in Coconut Milk & Spices

Ikan Acar Kuning Fish in Yellow Coconut Curry

Selada Bangka Fresh Mixed Salad Topped With Peanut Dressing

Oseng Tempe Sauteed Tempe & Tofu in Sweet Soy Sauce

Singkong Collard Greens Simmered in Coconut Broth

Please note, because this is a special dinner, no substitutions or dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

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