Six Pack: Paella in Philaelphia

Sometimes we just crave paella. The mix of spices, fresh seafood and rice is a dish that works no matter the weather. So here are six paella dishes in and around Philadelphia that deliver.


Jose Garces’ flagship Philadelphia restaurant has two versions of paella on its menu. The Paella Valenciana is packed with chicken and chorizo. Or take it to the next level with Lobster Paella. This $75 feast includes lobster, seafood and an interesting smoked paprika aioli.

Bar Ferdinand

It takes a little extra time if you order the Paella Valenciana at Bar Ferdinand. But that’s alright, leaves more time for tapas and sangria. David Ansill’s paella is packed with shellfish, chicken, chorizo and a whole lot of flavor and sometimes, a bit too much salt.


At Jamonera there are three types of paella to choose from. And to make them extra great the rice crisps up, bibimbap-style along the edges of the bowl. And also awesome, they’re portioned for individual ordering which is swell if you find yourself at the bar.

Tio Pepe

Looking for a Northeast Philadelphia eating adventure? Head up to Castor Avenue and order the Paelha Valenciana. They say it’s to be split but it can easily serve four.


The Midtown  Village/Gayborhood stalwart offers three different paella dishes. Choose among vegetarian, seafood or meat and seafood.


Bryn Mawr’s Latin restaurant offers three ways to feast on paella. The crown jewel of which is the Pescado Paella which features a whole lobster, shellfish, octopus and chorizo.