Sugar Mom’s Has Closed

“You have reached the number of a business that has closed.” That’s what you’ll hear if you call the phone number for Sugar Mom’s, the storied Old City bar at 225 Church Street.

According to a report from A.D. Amorosi, the lease on the 20-year-old bar ran out, and Sugar Mom’s (which was at some point renamed Sugar’s) closed on November 23rd.

Writes Amorosi:

Neighbor and regular Terry Lee Barrett was there during Sugar’s last night, November 23, and managed to snag one of the old orange Sugar Mom’s license certificates out of the dumpster as a keepsake, and watched as they scraped the name “Sugar’s” from the window the next morning. “It’s the end of an era,” says Barrett. “I have used Mom’s like it was my own basement, having a ball until 2 a.m. and beyond sometimes.”

Sugar Mom’s owner was unable to be reached for comment. Amorosi says there’s “no word as to whether Sugar Mom’s will move to another location.” But based on this advertisement for a lease on the Sugar Mom’s space, both the liquor license and the business are for sale, and it’s one of the only Old City licenses north of Market Street.