Missed Out on the Bacon and Beer Festival? There’s an After Party

The Bacon and Beer Festival sold out within the thirty seconds it took me to realize my mouse was upside down. So they’re going to be selling tickets to an after party at the Hotel Monaco’s Stratus Lounge. Tickets are $25 and go on sale at 2 p.m. today.

Tickets include bacon-ized cupcakes from Sweet Box, bacon bites from Ribs Within and two drink tickets for bacon and beer cocktails.

The after party is Sunday, December 8th from 6 to 8 p.m. The bar will remain open after  the after party and drinks will be available for the discount price of $5 each.

Bacon Cocktails

“Bacon & Eggs”
Bacon Bourbon, egg whites, maple syrup, & honey sugar rim

“The Squealer”
Bacon Bourbon, maple syrup, peyshauds bitters, tabasco

“Ol Wilber”
Bacon Bourbon Old Fashion
(Muddled cherry and orange, sugar, angostura bitters)

The Bacon and Beer Festival [Official Site]