Foodie Gifts: Foobooz and Occasionette Holiday Collaboration

East Passyunk Ave. is heaven for the average Foobooz reader. From phenomenal restaurants, great bars, and local produce, to imported goods, farmers’ markets, and small shops, it’s everything a food lover wants.

And when I moved to the neighborhood, I did my best to learn about it all. I walked into Chayya cafe every morning for a cup of coffee, some breakfast and a game of checkers. And every morning, I walked past their neighbor, Occasionette, and was helplessly lured inside.

Now, it’d be embarrassing to say that Philadelphia magazine’s “Best Pinterest Board Come to Life” is one of my favorite shops in the city–but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t. It’s obviously geared towards that crowd—the small knicknacks and jewelry-wearing, fancy birthday-card-loving, cool straw-drinking crowd–but there’s more to it than that. Which is exactly why we’ve decided to partner with Occasionette this holiday season and let them curate a gift section, just for the Foobooz Store.

More importantly, owner Sara Villari’s foodie products are her best sellers, and that’s what got me through the door every time. She has her own line of products, called Girls Can Tell, and they’re her hand-drawn diagrams printed on everything from tea towels to lunch bags. Diagrams of cow-butchery, the Philly soft pretzel, and other foodstuffs that you can decorate, utilize, and accessorize with. On top of that, she has barware, dishware, hostware, and lots and lots of mason jars.

Which is why we decided to collaborate this holiday season. Foobooz is now offering the best of Occasionette’s foodie-selection at the Foobooz store–which should make the holiday shopping insanity a bit less crazy. Visit the brand new Occasionette one-stop-shop and get all of your December shopping done in just a few minutes.

You’re welcome in advance.

Occasionette at the Foobooz Store [f8b8z]