Cheap Lunch at Mama’s Vegetarian Now Even Better


If you’re a practical cheapskate like I am and you work anywhere near Mama’s Vegetarian on 20th Street, then you know that there’s really no reason to eat at a food truck when Mama’s Vegetarian aka Mama’s Falafel is in the neighborhood.

For $3.50, I can get a small Mama’s falafel sandwich on my choice of a wheat or white pita plus as much from the pickle bar as I can cram into the little to-go side containers that they give you. And believe me, I can cram in a lot. (I’ve also been known to slide one of those insanely hot long-hots into the bag.) But now, they have sweetened the deal even more.

Starting last week, Mama’s began giving away free fruit. Last week, it was bananas. This week, apples. So while the crappy little “convenience” store in the base of my building is selling apples at $1 each (and people actually buy them), Mama’s gave me a nice, crisp Royal Gala apple for free. There’s no catch. Just grab an apple out of the basket. Although, the basket is right next to the tip container, so… don’t be too much of a cheapskate.