Post-Weekend Planning: New Han Dynasty Opening On Monday

We’ve talked about the new menu. We’ve checked out the space. We’ve even poked around in the kitchen. And now, just a reminder for all you Han Dynasty fanatics: The new location at 123 Chestnut Street (in the old Reserve steakhouse) is going to be opening to the public on Monday.

It’s big. It’s fancy. It’s going to have all the old Han Dynasty favorites plus a whole bunch of new stuff. There’s a big bar, a cocktail program, plenty of beer to wash down those dan dan noodles. And for those of you who just can’t go a day without your fix, have no fear. We’ve been promised that the current Old City Han Dynasty is going to operate as normal through Sunday night, then shut down and move operations across the street in the middle of the night so that the new location can (hopefully) be up and running for Monday lunch without missing a single service.

It’s a pretty bold plan. But from someone like Han Chiang, we wouldn’t really expect anything less.

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