Robeks Is Coming to Philly

So there’s this place called Robeks, and it has over 100 locations nation-wide. It’s a smoothie/juice bar/healthy food spot, and its menu looks to be super-similar to that of a Smoothie King. The kind of place you go to when you really want to drink some kale.

Thing is, none of the 100 locations are in Philadelphia. Which is weird because Philadelphia has suddenly become the kind of place where lots of people want to drink kale. Which is probably why Robeks has finally set their sights on our fair city and announced that they’re coming–in about six months.

This coming March, Philly is getting its own Robeks outpost in Center City—the exact address isn’t disclosed, but it’ll start there, and then another location will be added soon after somewhere in suburbia. And after that? The plan is to open 37 locations in the area.

Which, not for nothing, is a whole lot of kale.

Robeks  [Official]