Foobooz Starving Artist Series


The restaurant industry is a funny place, filled with people who got into it for all sorts of reasons: People who are just starting out, people who can’t find a place, and people who just need to make a few bucks for the time being–that is, until their real life’s passion monetarily takes off. Actors, musicians, writers–this business is full of them.

But today, we’re speaking to the artists in the industry, and I’m calling every Philadelphia painter, drawer, etchist, and sketchist in the restaurant world (front or back of the house) to join our Starving Artist Series. Send me samples of your work (, contact information, and the restaurant or bar where you work, and we’ll consider it for inclusion in our very own Foobooz-curated gallery. I want anything from photographs and paintings to sketches and portraits. Send your best stuff, because we know that it’s good and the world just doesn’t know it yet. I’d like to inform them.

We have plans for these artists, you see. Big plans. Just you wait and see…