More Praise for East Passyunk’s Noord


Brian Freedman reviews Joncarl Lachman’s Noord and finds the latest addition to East Passyunk’s restaurant scene is another bright spot.

Though an entree of rabbit leg confit was too much to finish in one sitting—but what a lunch the next day!—I didn’t miss a drop of the creamy sauce at the bottom of the plate; floating with thyme-tinged aromatics, it was a distillation of all that Noord does so brilliantly. As for the rabbit, it maintained a moistness and delicacy that the notoriously difficult-to-cook meat rarely does. Forked with zuurkool (think of sauerkraut) as well as a coin of smoked pork sausage and maybe a tender carrot slice, this was as hearty as it was thoughtful.

Noord brings East Passyunk its first hub of Dutch and Scandinavian cuisine [Philadelphia Weekly]
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