Ron’s Ribs Looking to Return


Before South Street West was a thing, there was Ron’s Ribs. The venerable barbecue spot was praised from far and near. Sadly the shop closed back in 2010 as business dried up, in part because of the closing of the South Street Bridge. But now, with South Street west of Broad hopping, there’s hope that the sweet-smelling barbecue joint could be on the way back.

Brandon Washington, Ron’s son, owns the building and is looking to raise money to bring back the business. Washington who worked at Ron’s while growing up often sporta his vintage Ron’s Ribs t-shirt around town, and no matter where he is, he gets stopped and asked about the old rib shop. Its got to the point where Washington feels he has to bring back the business. Washington has all the original recipes and has experience working at Ron’s but is looking for an experienced operator to go in business with. In the meantime he’s raising money by selling Ron’s Ribs t-shirts.

So if you’d like to help Brandon out and see Ron’s Ribs return to South Street, buy a Ron’s Ribs t-shirt.

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