Gin and Tonics Spanish Style (Plus A Cooking Class) At Bar Ferdinand

Over at Bar Ferdinand, they’re getting fancy with what is perhaps the simplest of cocktails: the elegant, understated gin and tonic. Apparently, the “gin tonic” (as it is known in Spain) is just all the rage among Spanish drinkers, so the bar at Bar Ferdinand has taken to offering the simple, two-step cocktail in a variety of formats. You can check out the new Gin Tonic menu after the jump.

But first, there’s also this: The inimitable David Ansill will be moving his kitchen outdoors on Friday, July 26th to offer a one-night-only paella cooking class. Those who attend will be fed a variety of snacks–plus the finished paella Valencia which is the kitchen’s signature dish. They’ll also walk away with their very own paella starter kit (including Bomba rice, paella stock and chorizo). Tickets for the class are $40 a head and reservations can be made by calling Bar Ferdinand at 215-923-1313.

Now, about that drink menu…

Bar Ferdinand Gin Tonic Menu

Old Tom Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, Lime 14

Beefeater Gin, Jack Ruby Tonic, Guindilla 11

Bluecoat Gin, Tomr’s Tonic, Peach, Tarragon 12

Plymouth Gin, Jack Ruby Tonic, Ginger, Mint 13

Aviation Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Blackberry, Pink Peppercorns, Citrus Peel 12

Bar Ferdinand [Official]