Disgusting: Rats at Green Eggs Cafe

UPDATE: Check out this post on the reopening of Green Eggs Cafe for an explanation of what happened (a broken sewer line) and what they did to repair and remedy the problem (a whole helluva lot).

It was just a few days ago that we were talking about Philadelphia’s rat problem over on The Philly Post. And then, on Sunday night, the social media-sphere went nuts with photos and reports of huge rats inside of Green Eggs Cafe on 13th Street.


Then came this explanation from the restaurant itself:


And a Green Eggs representative who spoke with Eater blamed the rats specifically on the broken sewer pipe, which seems like a reasonable explanation, though none less disgusting.

UPDATE: Click Here to See the Green Eggs Cafe Rats Video

Reminds us of the time that Inside Edition‘s Rat Patrol found giant rats and mice inside of Cosi, Ted’s Montana Grill, LaScala’s, Mamma Mia’s and Ishkabibble’s. Two of those restaurants have closed.