An Inside Look At Morgan’s Pier

Sous-vide cheeseburgers, hand-made tofu, a full-on vegetarian menu, ice cream sandwiches and a backyard barbecue vibe? Hell, yeah.

Over on the Zagat blog, Danya Henninger gets a look behind the scenes at Morgan’s Pier–now preparing for its scheduled May 9 opening under exec chef George Sabatino and chef de cuisine Paul Lyons. She talks to the young gentlemen about the staggering size of the place, the rapidly approaching opening date and how the menu is shaping up, then makes it out with a few pictures of the work in progress.

Of course, if you want to see a whole bunch more pictures, just check out Sabatino’s instagram, where he’s documenting much of the run-up to the opening.

Morgan’s Pier Sneak Preview [Zagat]