100 Tickets Avaialble To Vetri Great Chefs After-party

Okay, so this one doesn’t really take any selling. You all know about Marc Vetri’s Great Chefs event, right? It is, hands down, one of the greatest Philly food events of the year. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the country’s greatest food events because, see, Vetri knows a lot of people from everywhere, and a lot of those people from everywhere descend on Philly for this one event.

Anyway, the one party that might be better than the Great Chefs party is the Great Chefs after-party–which, until this year, has been a completely private event, open only to those chefs who cooked for the public, some of the big-time sponsors and friends of Marc Vetri. It’s basically the place where all the white jackets go to hang out, relax and get weird after the big night is done.

But this year, there are 100 tickets to the after-party being sold to members of the public. $525 gets you through the door (and also includes general admission to the Great Chefs Event proper) to hang out with all the celebrity chefs. The party will be at Alla Spina, will run from 9:30pm to 2am, and will feature food (yes, more food) and booze (yes, more booze) from Adam Perry Lang, Alla Spina, Brooklyn Brewery, Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Mac Truck NYC, Route 6 and Victory Brewery.

Check out the official announcement (and ticket-getting details) after the jump.

To purchase tickets, call and leave a message at 215-735-0200 or write an email to info@vetrifoundation.org that includes name, phone number, email, and the number of tickets you’re looking to score. After that, the Vetri Foundation will be in touch to either process the purchase or tell you that you waited too long and all the tickets are sold out. If I were you, I’d make that call quickly…

Great Chefs [Official]