Sidecar’s Adam Ritter Plans a Washington Ave Pizzeria & Bake Shop

We chatted with Adam Ritter of the Sidecar and Kraftwork about his newest project, Kermit’s Bake Shop. The bake shop (it’s like a bakery and pizzeria had a baby) is planning on opening in a couple of months at 22nd and Washington. The spot will offer pizza to-go and for delivery. This won’t be a brick oven type pizzeria, those thin pies just wouldn’t travel well. Instead here it will be traditional American pizzas (not cute) along with seasonal soups and salads.

On the bakery side, local pastry chef and Next Great Baker contestant Chad Durkin will be the baker. Ritter tells us to imagine a “bakery Americano.” Sticky buns, cakes, cookies and fresh-baked bread. Ritter imagines customers will be able to make it a one stop shop for a birthday party. A couple of pizzas, some soup and salad and of course the birthday cake.

Ritter wants a fun place, Kermit’s Bake Shop is named for from his cat who is in turn named for jazz musician Kermit Ruffins. When you walk in there will be a cake counter on one side and the pizza on the other. Ritter wants the place to even be a little “Wonka-esque.” The idea has been in the Graduate Hospital resident’s head for years. But he had never found the right spot. In addition to a healthy take-out and delivery business, slices will also be offered to locals and contractors who frequent Washington Avenue.

With Kermit’s Bake Shop, Cafe L’Aube and NextFab Studio and the applied for beer distributor license at Shop N Save Beverages and Washington Avenue might become a destination for people looking for more than a new kitchen.