Serpico Delayed Till at Least Late Summer (Or Not)

Word out of the Starr camp is that Peter Serpico’s Serpico isn’t likely to open before late summer/early fall at 6th and South. No clear reason has been given for the delay other than there are other projects ahead of the noodle bar. The only project we know of that is slated to open before Serpico is Washington D.C’s Le Diplomate, a project Starr Restaurants is actively hiring for. Perhaps Stephen Starr has some other projects (a hotel or two) that might be delaying Serpico?

Seems like this night with Chris Painter and Peter Serpico at Il Pittore might be your only chance to taste Serpico’s food for some time.

UPDATE: A representative for Stephen Starr informs us that Serpico is still on schedule for a Spring opening.

Painter and Serpico, Together for One Night at Il Pittore [f8b8z]