The $35 Challenge: Eat Like It’s Restaurant Week At Stateside

$35 for three courses sounds like a helluva deal. And that’s what Restaurant Week is built around. But say you want to go somewhere awesome without having to deal with the crowds, the restrictions and the stressed-out wait staffs that are also a part of Restaurant Week. Is that possible?

Hell yes, it is. And all this week we’re going to be looking at places not involved in Restaurant Week where a smart eater can score a killer, multi-course dinner for right around $35.

The first place we checked? Stateside. Recently named the best restaurant in Philly, the place has been pretty quiet these past few days–which means that seats are actually available. And we figured out an excellent 3-course menu that includes two of the kitchen’s best-known dishes and will still get you out the door for just $36. Dig it:

Smoked Pork Rillettes • $10
Korean BBQ sauce, pickles

Parmesan Croquettes • $10
charred escarole, tomato vinaigrette, preserved lemon

Steamed Manila Clams • $16
smoked house bacon, tomato lobster broth, fennel

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