Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Crabs, Tacos, Tequila, Chris Lee and Le Bec Fin

Another week gone by, all full of weirdness, big news, tequila, mac-and-cheese, douchebags, free stoves, holiday shopping, graffiti and tacos. For those of you who spent the entire week worrying about your Christmas bonuses (do those still exist?), here’s what you might’ve missed…

Tough Weekend For Le Bec Fin The good news? At least things didn’t get any worse.
Trey Popp’s Holiday Gift Guide Presents for the gastronaut who has (almost) everything.
Chris Lee Opening Sophia On East Passyunk Which is awesome, because there aren’t really any restaurants down there…
Taco Tuesdays At Lolita The best place to “…get ripped on tequila and eat fucking carnitas all night.”
Foobooz Six-Pack Philly’s best mac-and-cheese.
Craft & Claw Aims To “Undouche” Old City Yeah, good luck with that.
Free Restaurant Equipment From Peter Woolsey But only for the worthy.
2012: The Menu Help us find the defining plates of the year.